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NPK(S) Plantavita 6-18-34 + 2S

The NPK 6-18-34 compound mineral fertilizer is a pre-sowing fertilizer. It is used to fertilize all types of crops and all types of soils. Fertilizer can be used for late top dressing.

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NPK (S) Plantavita 8-19-29 + 3S

NPK 8-19-29 multipurpose compound fertilizer, supplies a demand for basic macro components such as phosphorus and potassium, which exhibit their good water solubility. It is recommended for sugar beets, rapes and cereals. The fertilizer thanks to its constitution is also suitable for use on grasslands.

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Carbamide 46% N

Universal nitrogen fertilizer to be applied during foliar fertilization. It is easily soluble in water, in the form of white uniform granules. It contains 46% of nitrogen in amide form, which is well absorbed by plants. Carbamide can be applied on all kinds of soils, except for very acid or limed soils. The fertilizer can be applied for all type of crops, both for seedbed and top dressing application.

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Potassium salt 60% K2O

Potassium chloride is used for basic pre-sowing and fertilization. It is suitable for fertilizing all cultivated crops except tobacco, hops, berry species and some vegetables. For winter cereals, winter oilseed rape and permanent crops, potassium salt can also be used in top dressing application.

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NPK (S) Plantavita 7-20-30 + 2,5S

Plantavita NPK 7-20-30 is a multicomponent fertilizer enriched with calcium and magnesium and microelements, intended for use in field crops cultivation, in the first place on soils poor in available potassium contents in the soil. This fertilizer can be used effectively for all field crops and grasslands. The composition of the fertilizer makes it particularly suitable for fertilization of winter cereals and rape.

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