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Solid fuels

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Cobble coal

Cobble coal is designed for incineration in cast iron and steel furnaces. Low sulphur content limits the deposition of soot particles in chimney ducts. Low ash content enables operation for several days without cleaning a combustion chamber. Cobble coal can be mixed with wood pellets, sawdust, lignite and any other solid fuels.

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Lump coal

It is a type of hard coal, which is distinguished by its granulation. It is characterized by long burning time and very bright burning flame and has a low sulphur content. As a result of its burning there is only a small amount of ash. Lump coal allows us to maintain a high level of purity so that it can be used in room fireplaces.

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Eco-Pea Coal

It is made from high-calorific coal with low sulphur content, low content of water and non-flammable substances and low sintering properties. As a result, the amount of sulphur oxides produced during combustion is lower than that of other coals, and after burning it there is relatively small amount of ash.

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Pulverised coal

The smallest carbon fraction offered by our company. Thanks to automation processes it has found a wide range of applications. It is ideal for comb feeders, used in industry, power plants, public facility buildings, and single family homes.

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