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Transhipment terminal

By supplying our customers with our products on an ever increasing scale, we have constantly been expanding our distribution centres and opening new transhipment terminals. At present we have 3 transhipment and distribution terminals, located in Czuprynow near Kuźnica Białostocka, Ostrołęka and Siemianówka. The total capacity of all our terminals is over 2 million tons per annum.

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Road transport

We are aware that the speed and quality of delivery of our product range depends on the expanded logistic unit. Therefore, to meet the expectations of the customer, in our fleet we have modern sets of cars with trailers or semi-trailers to carry specialized products.

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Rail transport

Coordinated mass trading requires a well-thought-out strategy and planning. Our terminals support both wide and narrow gauge configurations. The varied forms of our products require us to use properly adapted railway wagons. Railway sideways provide various possibilities for unloading and reloading of goods.

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Krex is a global enterprise focused on supplying power, industry and agriculture sectors. Our goal is not only to distribute but also to provide reliable solutions. Every day we support our customers and we take on challenges together.

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